What we receive we have to radiate


Art education alias Pasearse


by Claudia Pescatore

One day we’ll have been king.

Just because of the proximity to such wonderful words as litter, sceptre, sunskiff, orb, throne (KloHäuschen!) and crown.

The beauty of being king seems to me to be his perfect and unconditional freedom from any claim to usefulness. His BEing and his abundance, his unpredictability and fragility, his opulence and emptiness – as release and supreme benefit.

Abstract dignity has never done anyone any good, therefore the king is the visible vessel for the joy of life and he must envelop it: with fat, lead and rabbit blood, honey, felt, beeswax, gold leaf and all other protective skins, that Beuys brought into play as royal insignia.

I associate all this with this generous place.

Once WE are king, we want to be like the KloHäuschen: dirty past, unsteady vita, a thousand question marks, accomplices like pitch and brimstone, being there among others, enabling and freedom…

On long afternoons of drinking and strolling, of chatting and lingering, it has (you have: Anja!, Rasso!) grown very dear to my heart. Since then I would like to carry His Majesty – this time celebrating a great feast with his guests – in a sedan through the district, I want to be carried by them in a sun skiff, on the way to the magical places…

Yes!, we will go for a walk again, remembering the remark of Guy Davenport, who said that for modern man „chaos is out, while primitive man experiences disorder as internal and the outer world as harmonious, he keeps himself in check, in order not to infect the world“…

I have the vague hope that we can still be primitive enough to be forward-looking people. And that’s why: Leit, steigt’s ein, s’werd hexte Zeit. Come on, get in, it’s hexte time!


Soon we’ll be king.

cited from: John Berger: I send you this cadmium red…: ein Briefwechsel über Farben/ John Berger; John Christie. Basel; Boston; Berlin: Birkhäuser, 2000, english CP


#1 Saturday, 11th July, 8 pm
#2 Wednesday, 22th July, 9 pm
#3 Thursday, 30th July, 8 pm
#4 Sunday, 09th August, 11 am (yes, am)
#5 Friday, 14th August, 10 pm until the end

Meeting point is always in front of Das KloHäuschen

Claudia Pescatore

Philosopher, instigator, mediator, accomplice