The KHBi5

5th KloHäuschen Biennial

10th July – 14th August 2020

Major international events are out. Everyone knows that by now. “No problem”, says Das KloHäuschen. It wanted to concentrate this year anyway. Concentrate on its work, on its guests – and on the opening of its new “Kunsthalle”.

While its “great role models” like Venice (and others) are currently postponing their Biennials. It wonders if they should still be its role models if they cannot even keep up their rhythm, the KloHäuschen is taking its luck into its own hands. It seeks allies and this time curates its biennial itself. Because it wants to know: Where is the art and the liveliness right now? Das KloHäuschen is looking for artists who are still doing their work in a very independent  way – and who are brave enough to share with us what they are really interested in. It asks them directly about their art, not about the last exhibition or the last commission or which quantifiable, social, political etc. goal their work could serve. It asks them about their current work – which may even be unfinished – and what their heart beats for, regardless of whether it is “useful”. “What are you working on at the moment?” “What touches you about it?” “What interests you about it?”

And the artist list is impressive and both local and international  – and  longer than ever in history.

So it is clear: in order to do full justice to its activity as an “exhibition space” for the Biennial, the KloHäuschen needs an ART HALL. Together with rasso rottenfusser, it is designing the new premises and will complete its new “KH-Kunsthalle” in time and budget for the Biennale.

Space for >60 positions of free art!

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