Subject: website June 3, 2020 13:05
Dear Biennale team, the graphic fairy has drawn a ground plan of the KloHäuschen and has made design suggestions. Now she is on vacation and the floor plan must have fallen into the hands of the KH (see KHBi5 website design).

Finally I got it: This is what it should look like:
An A R T H A L L – I must admit, I did not know it before. Isn’t it magical?

And somehow the KH thinks it would like to have a little more Venice feeling in the “Arcades” … it is currently searching the archive for images from the field research it did on site in 2015.

rr – re:re: webseite 4.6.2020 12:08
(…) the word “magical” still bumps against me, even if it has to do with the magic of the unknown – maybe I’ve watched too much astro-tv – and this only reflects the will of the predestination, but there’s no such thing!

rr – re: webseite 4.6.2020 11:38
(…) if venice has to do with water (canal) I could immediately pull something out of my hat with space as a fluid “object” …mentally, in writing …
but we should not swim out too far … (…)

Ouverture – 10. Juli 2020 – ca. 19:30 Uhr – Filmstill von Stephanie Müller

CP – mag isch nicht 😉 4.6.2020 17:07
Just short commentary briefly on “magical” and on the No to Providence – and because I’m just reading Hans Jonas about the “self-emptying of the Creator-Spirit in the beginning of things” and how he continues to criticize Hegel, whose belief in a “majestic development of all becoming step by step dialectically towards us and through us to completion” he does not share: “The counterevidence is too overwhelming.

rr – re: mag isch nicht;) – 4.6.2020 17:58
very wonderful sentence by mr. jonas –
didn’t know that old f.w. hegel was so keen on the predictable – well – yes – his “phenomenology” is based on enlightenment/education… once again I can’t read through the 445 pages – damn

For me, the magical things/places/encounters lead more likely away from such a thinking. They lead more to the “endowing original act”, which in self-sufficient contentment neither needs us, nor does it endow providence, but is the origin of all astonishment…

Ouverture – 10th July 2020 – ca. 7:30 pm – flm still by Stephanie Müller edited by the KloHäuschen

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