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about the architecture of the 5th biennial – exhibition design

by rasso rottenfusser

…that it is idiosyncratic, the KloHäuschen at thewholesale market, is known…
to show a good 60 works by artists there, just with the doors closed, is not an easy thing…
Approach pragmatically – the KloHäsuchen stands for itself as a “jewel case” – at and in one place –
– small and fine – there is no need for a corset or a high-necked evening gown with ete-petetre – space for others without denying oneself -> go back to the start; functional buildings and spaces that do not stand for themselves but exist integratively and together.
everything always calculated and seen from one point of view of the observer – outside the door – the KloHäuschen itself is a showpiece – there is room for a showpiece in which showpieces can be viewed….- and all showpieces look back.

KHBi 5, running time 5 weeks, a good fifty positions —-five floors are obvious.
what does the five stand for? often it is the 4 plus something, for example cardinal points (+ hell), seasons (+ carnival), life juices, elements….. the 5… – > leads to the fifth element – even though in colloquial language it is in fact only used as quintessence, it is however the “essential”, in the sense of an additional, but spiritual main argument – in literal translation, the fifth being… (to earth, fire, water, air) – as a geometrical body a star with infinitely continuing golden ratios within itself, as a outline a pentagon, on the square cube four points outside and one in the center … quintessence ….

five levels, shifted against each other, running around a corner, all the same height, slightly different depths and modulated in the horizontal. the “floors” are not thought of as up and down, but changeable in themselves,-> paternoster; there is no level – all rooms are the same – nothing hidden, continuous, cut open and revealed.

space not as a cartesian construct of geometry, but only in a continuum, with the inside, the outside and all its factors, to which place, history, city belongs – time (of day), light(incidence), passers-by and flâneurs, those waiting, those passing by; we know communication spaces, image spaces, cinema, radio forms spaces between our ears;  components and material separate, limit, make permeable, grant insight, foregrounds, backgrounds, perspectives communicate references that are stored in us – white walls, wooden floor, tiles in beige, concrete (it depends on what man makes of it) or what our memory says about it…

the exhibition architecture of the KHBi 5 is small and cut open – we as bodies, too big, cannot make ourselves smaller and thus wander through the biennial en miniature – in our imagination we can – we can open up the spaces, we can unlock them, we have access to the artistic works and the spaces

rasso rottenfusser

lives and works in munich and close to riva del garda
his works have recently been shown in munich, berlin, bengaluru and bielefeld

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